IT Security

IT security is a mission critical function to protect your network, your data, AND your client’s data.

Cut Out All the Junk Mail and Regain Control of Your Inbox

Wasted time, decreased productivity, and harmful viruses are all a result of spam. Plenty of spam solutions claim to help, but only managed email filtering can really provide the results you need.

While the results are significant, the process is simple. Common Angle scans your email messages for spam and viruses, removes potentially harmful or junk messages, and sends valid emails to your in-house or external server.

Benefits Include

  • Lowering Your Network Traffic. Common Angle supplies the bandwidth to process and evaluate mail, so your network traffic and related costs are greatly decreased. Only valid mail is processed by your server.
  • Maintaining Transparency. Quarantined addresses are emailed to you nightly so you’re always aware of what’s not making it to your inbox. You can then easily white list any valid addresses. Other solutions allow you to define aggressiveness of spam controls, but you never know what you’re missing.
  • Offering Instant Access. Web-based access allows you to view and white list or black list quarantined addresses at any time, so if you don’t feel like waiting for the nightly email, you don’t have to.

Remove Inappropriate Website Access and Increase Employee Productivity

Common Angle offers a web monitoring and filtering solution that lets companies provide Internet access for employees while enforcing customized Internet use policies. Flexible monitoring allows for increased employee productivity and decreased liability risks, while maximizing IT resources.

We use reporting tools that identify organizational risk levels for productivity, legal liability, and network bandwidth loss. The customization options allow you to choose between allow, block, continue, quota, block by bandwidth, and block by file type. Blocking by bandwidth is an especially important option when you consider that when bandwidth intensive applications, such as streaming media, are used by even a few employees it can greatly slow or shut down a network.

Many customers don’t block any websites, but simply use the monitoring to ensure that employees are following the internet usage guidelines specified by the company.

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