Don’t Be An Easy Target For Cybercriminals with these Cybersecurity Tips for Your SMB

Pretend for a moment that you were going to commit the perfect heist. Your first thought would probably be to hit the biggest target possible, like a bank, right? But what if instead of going for the big score, you decided to rob a bunch of small businesses? No security guards, high-tech alarm systems, or bank safes. You’d still walk away with a nice chunk of change, and the likelihood of getting caught would be much lower. 

Remember, that was just a hypothetical (please don’t use this blog post as a how-to guide for committing crimes). But the same logic applies to cybercriminals. They’re going to go after the low-hanging fruit, aka, small businesses with weak cybersecurity defenses. In fact, studies show that small- and medium-sized businesses are much bigger targets than the companies that are rolling in big bucks.

So, what can you do to protect your small business from becoming a victim of a cyberattack? Check out these tips.

Invest In Professional Cybersecuritypadlock and globe cybersecurity concept

One of the best cybersecurity tips for small businesses is to invest in professional cybersecurity services. Many small businesses try to save money by doing their cybersecurity themselves, but this is a huge mistake.  Boosting your cybersecurity hygiene is more than installing antivirus, and by partnering with an IT company offering cybersecurity services, you are not only equipping yourself with a team but also gaining access to the best cybersecurity tools out on the market. 

Cybersecurity is a complex field, and sometimes it takes trained professionals to keep your business safe.  Our team of experts can also help you recover from a cyberattack, like ransomware, and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Educate Your Team On Compliance

Another important cybersecurity tip for small businesses is to educate yourself on compliance. There are many cybersecurity regulations that businesses must comply with, and if you don’t know about them, you could be putting your business at risk. 

Make sure you understand all of the compliance requirements that apply to your business and take steps to ensure that you’re in compliance.  

Use The Principle Of Least Privilege

The principle of least privilege is another important cybersecurity tip for small businesses. This principle states that users should only have the minimum amount of access necessary to do their jobs. 

By following this principle, you can reduce the chances of a successful cyberattack on your business because even if attackers are successful, they won’t have access to the entirety of your data.

Create A Backup And Disaster Recovery Plan

Backups and a disaster recovery plan are essential for any business. By having recent backups in place, you can minimize the amount of data that’s lost in a cyberattack. 

Additionally, a disaster recovery plan will help you and your employees know what to do in the event of a successful attack.

Educate Your Employees In Cybersecurity

One of the most important cybersecurity tips for small businesses is to educate your employees in cybersecurity with security awareness training. Your employees are one of the biggest threats to your business’s cybersecurity, so it’s important that they understand how to protect your data. 

Make sure you provide training on cybersecurity best practices, and make sure your employees understand the importance of cybersecurity in protecting your business.

Stop Cybercriminals In Their Tracks with Common Angle

Remember, there are hundreds of cybercriminals out there currently planning the perfect heist of your data. Common Angle can help you protect your small business with our comprehensive cybersecurity services. We’ll work with you to create a customized security plan that fits the needs of your business and helps you comply with all of the applicable regulations. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your small business safe through a free security consultation