Data Backup & Business Continuity

You can’t have a true superhero without a sidekick. That’s where data backup comes in.

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Disasters happen. Storms, cybercrime, network crashes—they stop for no one. And if your business is unprepared, downtime and data loss can be major costs. For small businesses, the cost of downtime is estimated to be $137 to $427 per minute. For large businesses, it averages $5,600 per minute.

That’s why data backup is so important. It’s your business’s sidekick, safeguarding your most important information from whatever life throws your way.

What Is Data Backup and Business Continuity?

We all have things that we can’t get rid of but don’t need on hand. If you had a self-storage unit and it accidentally got burned down one day, you wouldn’t say, “oh well, I wasn’t really using that stuff anyway” (unless it was your grandma’s old floral couch from the 80s, in which case, good riddance).

The same goes for data backup and business continuity. It’s a safety net for your most important information—the stuff you can’t afford to lose.

Data backup is the copying and storing of data in a safe location. That way, if something happens to your primary copy, you have a backup to fall back on.

Business continuity is the process of keeping your business up and running despite unforeseen events. This usually includes having a plan in place for how to keep things going if something goes wrong, as well as having a backup of all your important data.

Together, these two elements—data backup and business continuity—form a powerful team that can help your business weather any storm.

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Our Services

File-level Backups

Designated files and folders are fully backed up to the cloud, followed by incremental backups. Backup frequency is based on what best suits your IT needs.

Near Real-Time Backups

With our “Incremental Forever” technology, your network data can be backed up as often as every 15 minutes. Any loss would be limited to that 15-minute window.

Secure Remote Storage

Our backup software encrypts and transmits your data to our secure offsite data center.

24/7 Monitoring

Any time something looks out of place, our technicians are immediately notified and jump on the job.

Local & Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Appliance

Having a local appliance ready at all times, we can keep your data on a standby server for you to access at any time. In addition, copies of that data are replicated to the cloud in the event of catastrophic failure.

Save the Day with Common Angle's Business Continuity Services

Data loss can be a disaster—some studies show 60% of small businesses fail within 6 months after a data breach or cyberattack. By putting data backups and continuity tools in place, we ensure your business has a bright future.

Common Angle’s data backup and business continuity services are designed to keep your business up and running no matter what comes your way. We’d love to show you how our IT heroes can help you boost productivity and save money. Set up a consultation today and get started!