File Level Backups and Business Continuity

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The average failure rate of disks and tape drives is 100%

Incredible, isn’t it? Most companies don’t realize that ALL tape drives fail at some point. But what’s really dangerous is that most companies don’t realize it happened until it’s too late. You can safely upload your financial records, client data, and files right over the Internet every night to a secure, encrypted local network storage device and an offsite data center.

MyCloudRelief is a data backup solution customized to fit the needs of your Michigan business. Simply choose between our File Level or Business Continuity plans.

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Complete Business Continuity

When you are faced with a disaster involving damaged or stolen hardware and are waiting for replacement equipment, we have the ability to spin up a virtual server in the cloud. With this new style of business continuity, we can point your equipment to the Internet and keep your company running while your new hardware is being constructed.

File-Level Backup

Designated files and folders are fully backed up to the cloud, followed by incremental backups. Backup frequency is based on what best suits your IT needs.

Near-Real-Time Backups

With our “Incremental Forever” technology, your network data can be backed up as often as every 15 minutes. This means that if your system were to go down, the maximum amount of data loss would be limited to 15 minutes!

Secure Remote Storage

The backup software installed at your Michigan facility encrypts and transmits the data to our secure offsite datacenter where it is stored in its encrypted form according to your retention requirements.

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24 7 monitoring application recovery

24/7 Monitoring

Your backup units, as well as the servers, are monitored 24/7. If the process fails, an alert is generated immediately to our Petoskey-based technicians.

Application Recovery

Backup and restore Windows, Novell, Mac OS, Linux – in addition to SQL, Oracle, Exchange, Lotus Notes, SharePoint, VMware, and AD databases – without additional agents.

Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Restore (BMR) gives you the ability to restore to a virtual server or dissimilar hardware configuration for ease of recovery after a disaster (e.g. hardware failure). This gives you flexibility for restorations and doesn’t require the cost and effort of keeping a standby server ready at all times.

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