Nonprofit organizations provide our society with some of the most vital services. At Common Angle, we feel that with all you do for others, it’s time for someone to return the favor. As a nonprofit organization, you face special considerations that private enterprise doesn’t. However, your need for professional IT services is the same. The professionals at Common Angle understand that and can provide you with everything you need at a cost you can afford.

We offer discounted network consulting, design, management, managed IT solutions, website design, and web development to all nonprofit organizations. We also provide nonprofit discounts for a variety of products. Our dependable IT services, such as wireless technology, offsite data backups, and proactive network monitoring, provide you with the tools to fulfill your mission, and our product discounts for charitable organizations provide an added benefit to your bottom line. We stay current on which organizations are eligible for discounts and on what products, making your network maintenance simple and affordable.

Our content management system websites make it easy for you to update text, photos, and maintain all content. Websites are priced by the project with a nonprofit discount so you know your fees right up front.